Dumping of Animals

From what has been happening in our world, my heart is aching when I do articles and research on animals I come across a lot of horror stories where animals are dumped left to die, have broken legs, eye infections, worms, shot the list goes on, most I viewed luckily a charity of some kind rescued them.

Animals have memories and feelings they are no different to ourselves, the ads on horses and donkeys being treated appallingly, like slaves in this century, they are suffering hurting yet this is let to happen for the sad individuals to enjoy.

Socks, a cat of mine was left on the streets treated so badly that when I rescued her she showed love and affection to myself when I was on my own, and swiped at any other animal, this is because she had to fight to survive for every drop of water and food she struggled to get. The only consolation was that for many years she knew she was loved and had everything she needed and came when I called her, her sad memories never left her. I have many cats because I cannot stand the fact they would suffer and the difference in every cat is amazing, they are so loving and so attached they bring so much beauty in my life and can be challenging they are my children.

These animals put up on You Tube and channels are screaming or shaking because they are in pain some eating sand some in the pouring rain with large vehicles driving past ready to hit them and leave them to suffer more, people walking by and not bothering, it is just an animal.

All creatures large or small are valuable, god’s creation, yet we abuse it, these memories do not leave them the unnecessary vet bills to get them well physically and emotionally the ads hit the channels to  ask all the sad people to donate, will they? For they do not care, or have someone take them on to love them, or in some cases the charities that are supposed to save them cannot be bothered and put them down.

Can you imagine being a small cat or dog and the person you love, dumps you, it is cold and dark and possibly raining you do not have food you are hungry and thirsty you are alone, frightened, scared waiting for the physical pain to come you remember nothing but hurt and pain then you are put down because you are just a piece a shit, you realise you are nothing, never loved your body ached your heart broken your head hurts with pain.

I sincerely hope those that have no heart that some justice does happen and when they die they come back onto this earth and whatever they are they get the same treatment and know what suffering they did to another soul, I believe justice should be the same for human beings as animals they have a right to have a good life.

Getcatcrazy hopes to see an end to this and is working in with charities and organisations to change this and stop it right now at this generation because going forward there is no place for cruelty.

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