Alpea Supplements ImmunoColastra 40 Tablets ImmunoColastra 40 Tablets

ImmunoColastra 40 Tablets

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Vitamins and minerals for instant immunity boost Rich in immunoglobulins Immuno-Colastra is given in the first days of life,for the sake of increasing the immunity, as well as in the initial stage of both virus and bacterial infections with the aim of increasing non-specific immunity. In the course of stress (for instance, during travel or owner change), tablets should be given to the pet every day in the course of the week. ImmunoColastra is recommended for meeting body physiological needs for calcium and phosphorus with developing pets. The combination of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D3 and E in a physiological ratio helps building the bones and teeth of a foetus as well as cats’ and dogs’ growth. Supports the function of bone, muscle and nervous system

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